The sales and marketing sector is the core of the company, where this sector is achieving profits of the company and this sector includes 65% of the company's employees distributed to sector's departments, which includes the following departments:

The marketing department is concerned in doing marketing and promotion business for those interested in our products in all cities and governorates of Yemen and working on preparation of advertising campaigns for products and familiarize the products to all physicians.

The research department is concerned in market research and field studies to determine the products needed by the Yemeni market and study them to determine the size of market demand and competition for similar products and develop marketing plans and ways to promote them in the future.



Sales Department is concerned with the sales of customers from wholesalers, private and government hospitals, medical centers and pharmacies and working on customer service and satisfaction.


Branches department is concerned with all the branches needs from goods, machinery and equipment to facilitate its business to serve customers in all around Yemen.